Our houses are surrounded by a sea of possibilities.

Bike rides through the village

Cycling in Portosín is a pleasure. Enjoy the contemplation of the quiet life of a fishing village, visit the marina and fishing port and, by the way, observe all kinds of seabirds that lately visit us, such as cormorants, herons and egrets.
If you feel like something more intense, there are several BTT routes that are a wonder, such as the Castro de Baroña Route and Monte Enxa.


SEA Tourism

Turismo marinero

Portosín is one of the most important purse seine fishing ports in Europe. Every season, tons of oily fish leave its fish markets, which are distributed throughout the peninsule and part of the continent.
“Azul de Portosín” is its trademark and nothing as spectacular as seeing fishing boats arrive surrounded by a cloud of seagulls and the disembarkation in charge of the port stevedores.
Visiting the place where the “redeiras” work by assembling and sewing the nets is another experience you can’t miss. It is a traditionally feminine trade and one that has remained almost unchanged up to the present day.
Other possibilities : Museo Marea and Museo do Mar de Noia

Walks through the villages of Portosín

The villages surrounding Portosín, A Silva, Beneso and Balcunqueiro, are the origin of the population nucleus that would develop more intensely from 1812 with the industrialization of the estuary. Until then, people preferred to live in high areas sheltered from the sea. Walking through these villages is like looking into the history of their inhabitants; the views over the estuary are impressive.

Marine routes and trails

Rutas por la ría en el valadro Joaquín Vieta

Routes beside the sea and routes by the sea, the choice is up to you.
Around Casiñas Mariñeiras you will find many routes through which you can dive into the sea breeze, cross beaches and rocks and enjoy wonderful sunsets.

The historical sailboat Joaquín Vieta offers trips along the estuary while they tell you their history and customs and offer you an aperitif. Who can resist?

cultural visits

The Barbanza peninsule, where the fishing village of Portosín is located, is an area rich in archaeological remains. Inhabited by the Romans and then crossed by the Caminos Reales, it is full of history that we propose you to discover.
Visitas culturales Museo de Laudas gremiais


Foto vela
If you like sailing, in Portosín you can find what you are looking for. In the Club Náutico they organize from courses of infantile sailing, oriented towards the youngest, between 8 and 17 years old, sail of Adults and adapted sail in Light Sail and Cruise.
In addition, very close, in the beach of Aguieira you can practice surfing and kitesurfing.

Scuba diving in our beautiful coves

Going for a walk along the seabed of the estuary can be really exciting. Meet octopuses, pintos and maragotas, all of them habitual inhabitants of the rocky borders of the beaches. In Mergullo Compostela they organize outings on the beaches near Portosín.


Routes on horseback

rutas a caballo

Very close to Casiñas Mariñeiras you can ride a horse and immerse yourself in the lush Atlantic forests that surround the entire estuary and accompany the numerous rivers that flow down from its mountains. In Aventuras en Galicia they organize everything so that you can live the experience.


We have a weakness for Casa do Tella y Rosalía, for their recipes that combine contemporaneity with tradition. The restaurant is located in an old salting factory and preserves the seafaring spirit of its architecture, paying tribute to its ancient inhabitants.
El Mirador del Náutico, in addition to offering menus of the day, has spectacular views over the estuary.
In general, in Portosín you will be able to enjoy a good gastronomy in any of the restaurants in the village. The nearby Anexo Coira, has a terrace next to the beach.
Casa do Tella e Rosalía