The Casiñas Mariñeiras project was born from the illusion of its owners of sharing and valuing a legacy, modest witness but of great charm and dignity, of the origin of Portosín, a seaside town in which they are located.

Hospitality and family are the values behind this project. Hospitality understood as giving the best of ourselves so that our guests feel as if they were a thousand wonders, in an environment where every detail is pampered. And the family, because it is from where all the illusion sprouts to start this project.

Casiñas Mariñeiras is made up of two houses located 50 metres from the beach, located in the southern part of Calle San Andrés, the old Camino Real. Casa Tía Amparo was built around the year 1812, during the process of industrialization of the Muros and Noia estuary, which took place through the installation of various salting factories dotted all over the estuary. This industrialization meant the radical transformation of the territory, producing architectural, social and economic changes, giving rise to the current conformation of Portosín.

Casa Taberna Vella, located at the beginning of the Camino Real that took advantage of the old Roman roads that passed through Portosín, was probably installed to supply food to walkers. We do not know the exact year of construction, but it is already described in an 1812 document as an old installation of the place. So one of the charms of Taberna Vella is the history supported by its precious stone walls that can be seen in the lower rooms of the house. Taberna Vella is a dream come true through the rehabilitation carried out in 2018 in which the contemporary and tradition go hand in hand.



Nadia web


She is in charge of receiving you and making your stay in our houses an unforgettable experience.



He is in charge of communicating regularly the news of Casiñas Mariñeiras.

Chefa web


Promoter of the rehabilitation of the houses, she is in charge of the supervision of spaces.